Financial Audits, Attestation & Assurance Services

  • Are you tired of larger audit firms?
  • Overpriced engagements?
  • New auditors assigned to your company with no experience each year?
  • Do you require an audit for a state entity?

Rhinehart & Associates, Inc. is becoming The Assurance Team!

The Assurance team’s attest & assurance services are designed to bring peace of mind to a large corporation or small business, where financial data is important and should be monitored closely. This is made possible through our unique, technical and practical business model which affords us the ability to hire and retain a talented team of auditors with over 10 years of audit experience. Our aim is to provide you and your corporation the high level of service you deserve and establish a trust and confidence to discuss and share their business issues and strategies.

Our team of auditors take the time to align with your business functions and understand your industry. A proper attest and assurance team will analyze your business performance and compare it against management objectives. From this we evaluate business processes and prepare an assessment of business risks to establish a benchmark of performance against your industry standards.

Financial Audits

An audit of your company is a very important aspect of what we do and how we help your business. During a financial audit we will collect data and information that will help us to identify any weaknesses in your financial departments.


In addition to financial auditing, we perform attestation. Attestation is the examination process of any issues that may have been discovered during the financial auditing. If any issues are found are determined to fall outside of the parameters of the compliance standards, the business can take the necessary steps to bring their financials back into compliance.


Companies need to be reassured that the information that is presented during the audit reporting is accurate. Assurance is where we provide a certified public accountant that aims to substantiate the data presented. For example, an investor may ask for assurance work to check the financial information in regards to a company that has asked for funding.